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Have you been or are you in a relationship with someone you think is Partner is a Narcissist ?

Narcissistic tendencies  are a personality disorder, and in the mild version – a character trait which consists in the fact that a person has a constant need to be better, has no empathy, is unable to show compassion or show compassion.

Narcissistic people tend to   be snobbish, arrogant and self-centered. Paradoxically, they are extremely sensitive to their point of view, and criticism, even the smallest one, DilMil.co often results in withdrawal from the relationship and contact.

What are the most common behaviors that indicate narcissistic traits?

Here is a list of some characteristics and behaviors that may indicate that your partner is a narcissist.

1. Love bombing, the so-called love boombing – Partner is a Narcissist

It consists in a quick escalation to a serious relationship, even to a declaration after a week of acquaintance. The high intensity of emotions from the very beginning takes away a clear judgment of the situation and looking at the level of values ​​- what really connects us. If you ask for more space or a slower pace when dating a person with narcissistic features, you may end up disconnecting or breaking contact.

2.  Talking only about yourself .

No real interest in you, even if questions arise about you, are just a prelude to telling about yourself.

3. Need for compliments .  – Partner is a Narcissist

The main difference between people who are confident and those with DilMil narcissistic traits is that the latter need others to often feel better.

5 Signs Your Partner is a Narcissist

4. Lack of empathy. 

The inability to be empathetic and even compassionate is often the reason why many, if not all, narcissistic relationships end up breaking down, whether they’re romantic or not.

5. They don’t have deep, long-term relationships 

This includes living with others, not just with you.

6. Signs of gaslighting.  – Partner is a Narcissist

So the type of manipulation through which the other party often wonders if you are not too sensitive or even oversensitive, apologizes for everything, justifies his partner, begins to doubt his feelings, judgments of the situation.

7. Reluctance to open talks, compromise, looking for a solution ,

which would require flexibility or changes on his side. No apologies, the fault is always with you or with the circumstances. A person with narcissistic features does not want to talk about important matters, is incapable of intimacy. Often, when something goes wrong, he withdraws and loses interest.

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8. Reluctance to clearly name the relationship status. – Partner is a Narcissist

Finally, one of the signs that are sometimes hard to recognize in the early stages of building a relationship with another person.


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