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Long Distance Relationships: He/she lives in Bordeaux, and you in Paris. And according to Mappy: 584 kilometers separate you. Ok, that’s a long way, but out of sight doesn’t necessarily mean out of mind. Thanks to new technologies that make long-distance relationships easier to manage, you have no excuse to ghost your loved one, no matter how far away he/she is from you. Here are some tips to make virtual love as sweet as possible to your life.

A Daily Dialogue – Long Distance Relationships

Today, maintaining good communication at a distance is child’s play, so do not hesitate to abuse the means allowing it. Telling her about your life on the phone, texting her your feelings in verse, making love to her on Whatsapp, it can be damn appreciable and even funny… provided that the SharekAlomre two concerned play the game and that the news does not go only in a sense of course.

A 100% Couples App

We agree: putting a message full of hearts on the Facebook wall of your distant conquest in full view of all is average. That’s why much more intimate virtual spaces than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow couples to coo quietly in 3.0 mode. Thanks to the Couple application for example, you are like on Facebook, but only as a couple. You can send each other private messages, videos, photos, links, share your ideas, make common to-do lists etc… and all that stays between you!

Face to Face – Long Distance Relationships

Talking to each other is great, but being able to see each other at the same time is even better! Thus, thanks to video telephony, you have the pleasure of seeing your loved one while chatting. A one-time meeting on Skype is a must, just to give you the illusion of being together for a while! If he/she lives thousands of kilometers away, be careful that the time difference does not ruin your exchanges. Cancel your sports class because you have to skype Gaëtan/Pauline who is in New York, at a time when he/she still has the trace of the pillow on his/her face and where he/she may not be necessarily in the SharekAlomre.Com mood, is it really worth it?

Long Distance Relationships: 5 Tips For Managing Love 3.0

Do Things Together

Being far from each other doesn’t prevent you from doing things “together”. As long as you aren’t separated by 36 time zones. For example, eating the same food. Watching the same movie on TV at the same time, playing online games. Or other activities that you might be doing simultaneously. The interest is of course to indulge in happy games of live SMS at the same time. To give you the impression that you are together in your common living room.

A Little Spice for Everything – Long Distance Relationships

In the distance, we want to surpass ourselves, and the absence of the other pushes us to redouble our inventiveness. Sending sexts, hot MMS, passionate emails, love songs. Are all ways to keep the flame alive in a 3.0 way. And if the heart (or the body) tells you, indulge in some rascality on screen. Of course. Nothing can replace physical love, but a one-on-one hug via webcam from time to time can make you happy and strengthen your couple’s intimacy.

Well known to Anglo-Saxons, the ” Friend Zone ” is this indeterminate space. Which is located not far between the country of Friendship and the continent of Love. To find yourself in the Friend Zone. It takes two people, basically. By landing on the shore of this territory. You quickly realize that this region offers one of the most rugged reliefs, with its share of surprises and adventures . In other words, the Friend Zone could also be called a platonic relationship 2.0 between consenting adults.

It is often said that it is mostly men who find themselves in the “ Friend Zone ”: this moment when you become “the friend” of a woman, without being more. The keyword for Friend-Zoning is obviously the noun “friend”, as in: ” I prefer that we remain friends” , ” Marc is a good friend” , or even ” Ah, he’s just a friend » …

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Once transported to the Friend Zone – as if it were the fifth dimension – difficult to leave. Indeed, in the eyes of the person for whom you have feelings, you become a non-sexual entity like a lamp, an iron or a chopstick. But impossible not being French, here are our tips for not remaining just a friend…

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