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Different ring metals obviously carry different appearances, Engagement Ring but they also come with a few practical benefits. Understanding the differences between the most common types of engagement ring metals can help you make your decision.

Gold Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are rarely made out of pure, or 24-karat, gold. This is because it is too soft to effectively hold a shape. 22- or 18-karat gold is usually the better option, though the less pure your ring is the more likely it is to tarnish.

White gold is gold that is mixed with nickel or palladium, creating a whiter shade, and then plated with rhodium to prevent scratching and damage.

Saying I Do: Choosing the Best Metal for Your Engagement Ring

Rose gold is gold that is mixed with copper, creating a pinkish hue. It will not tarnish and is not plated. Rose gold works very well with warmer skin tones, but as a newer development in the engagement ring market may not be available in the design that you want.

Both these types of gold are more durable because of the added metals, though white gold may need to be replated by a jeweler at a future date as it wears down.

Silver Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, you want the best for your partner. Because most engagement rings have diamonds in them, silver is an extremely popular choice. It comes in only a single hue and matches the reflective aesthetic of a diamond very well.

Silver also tends to be on the more affordable side when compared to gold. This can allow you to put more money towards the wedding ring or the wedding itself.

However, keep in mind that silver will need regular cleaning to prevent it from tarnishing. If a ring does become tarnished, you can still polish it to restore its old luster, but this will require more elbow grease (or professional care!)

Saying I Do: Choosing the Best Metal for Your Engagement Ring

Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum is an increasingly popular option for engagement rings. Like silver, it takes on a grayish hue which goes very well with diamonds. Platinum is very durable, which means that it is great for those who live more active lifestyles, as it will not be dented or damaged if knocked against something.

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Platinum is much rarer than either gold or silver, which is why it comes in at a higher price point. This rareness is because most platinum can only be found in one country: South Africa.

Platinum is a great option for those with allergies. As it will not irritate your skin like gold or silver sometimes can.

All Ring Metals Could Be the Right Choice

Choosing an engagement ring is a deeply personal choice. Your decision should be made on the basis of your relationship. You’ll want to use the tastes and preferences of your future spouse to pick the best option from all the available ring metals.

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