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Slow Dating Relationship-We had already talked about Slow, this American trend consisting in practicing sex in full consciousness, and not in a bestial way with the famous: “ quickly done well ” as they say. And to have tasted it a little, we were quickly addicted! The praise of slowness seems to cross all areas of our environment: food with Slow Food, slow motion videos with Slow Motion on our smartphones , Slow Tourism in the field of travel, or Slow Cosmetics, ensuring to the well-being of our skin.

Today, we want to talk about another return to basics: that of old-fashioned encounters, in a much broader temporality (as grandpa and grandma did in a way). The aim of the game ? Prioritize YourLatinMates quality over quantity to work upstream on the ground of the meeting, get information, and learn to discover more about the people you approach on Meetic.

The trend was, not so long ago, for quick consumption and the multiplication of appointments, of which certain applications have made a specialty. Today, more and more users of dating services like Meetic, seek to get to know the people with whom they interact, to provoke shared moments and emotions, to give more space to “the human “.

Slow Dating Relationship: What if We Took our Time?

The Multiplication of Appointments

If sometimes, we could indulge in contacting a dozen singles a day (even a hundred for the most ambitious!). It is now a question of going further in the discussion. Enriching the quality of the exchanges, by ignoring the small imperfections that often turn out to be real assets!

By limiting your exchanges to one or a few recipients per day. You are surprised to travel back in time, to the era of letters (period of Dangerous Liaisons ). Where you had to wait several days before receiving an answer, and handwritten please! The objective is not to dilute this YourLatinMates.Com temporality at all costs. But to experience pleasure in reading the response to a message that has been read, reread, dissected. So farewell to missteps, misspellings or other recipient errors! The time is for reflection and deepening of our exchanges. Whether real or “virtual”.

With Meetic, its mobile applications and its search filters (geolocation, favorite imperfections, etc.). We have the choice of selecting the way that best suits us to chat with singles (1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month). And that’s what real luxury is: being able to move forward at your own pace!

That’s it, fall has arrived, nature is approaching a new coat with a palette of the most striking colors. Why not immerse yourself in a (small) well-deserved vacation. Just to find your alter ego during a trip?

Prepare your bag, Meetic takes you on a trip to the best destinations to meet singles in Europe. Less than 2h30 hours from Paris by plane!

Capital of The Night – Slow Dating Relationship

Amsterdam is a city as beautiful in summer as in autumn. For your evenings, we recommend that you go out to Melkweg or Paradiso. The two “ places to be ” in the city. All the odds are on your side to flirt there. On the attendance side. You will find all of Europe at your feet to chat, have a drink and more if you like. You can also meet people at the Escape. In the Red Light district or in a coffee shop !

If we had to keep only one city for the beginning of a romance. It would undoubtedly be Lisbon. With its steep little streets that stretch on the heights of the city. One could stay for hours contemplating the landscape. A little advice, for your first meeting , you can take the initiative to order two glasses of ” vinho verde”, the local white wine, or simply Porto, the star of Portuguese drinks. To be consumed in moderation, however! But we trust you…

Are you a group of single friends looking for new encounters? Why not rent a large villa in Santorini in the heights of Oia? Abundant nightlife, crystal clear waters and small whitewashed houses make the success of this essential place of the Cyclades.

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Do we still have to present Barcelona? City among the most dynamic in Europe, you can hardly miss the charm and the so caliente way of life of the population. Farniente , Slow Dating Relationship tapas and playa (beach) will brighten up your days. And who knows, when you get out of the water on Barceloneta, the city beach , you might come across a naiad or an apollo making eyes at you…

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