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It is not easy for everyone to Finding Your Man an approach to a stranger, especially to start getting to know him. It can be difficult for strangers, not only to take the first step to get to know each other, but also review to find the right words for each other. They are afraid to seem intrusive, funny or be criticized by a stranger. For Slavic women, these fears are further enhanced by stereotypes common in Eastern European society. A woman is “not allowed” to show interest in a man, it is not decent to take the initiative into her own hands and get to know the man she likes first …

Dating on the Internet (and even more dating with foreigners ) are subject to other laws!

  • Distance separates you. And that means you are not face to face. Therefore, you should not blush because of your courage 😉 Believe me, writing a letter or a short message is easier than trying to get to know each other by looking into the eyes of a stranger.
  • Nobody will judge you. None of your inner circle will know that you boldly meet foreign men (unless you yourself share this with them).
  • Foreigners are not familiar with the stereotypes of behavior adopted in your country. And this means that a man from another country will not reproach you if you want to get to know him, will not point out to you that such behavior is inappropriate for a lady, will not criticize you for this *. On the contrary, he will be glad to receive your letter!


Do you prefer to passively wait for a sign of attention from an interesting man?

If you are still waiting in vain for letters from men you like, and gentlemen who show attention to you do not suit / do not like you yourself, then you need to change something!

We would like to give you four simple tips: Finding Your Man

  1. Without taking the first step, you will never know what could happen, where the acquaintance would lead.
  2. Do not think in terms of “what if …” (for example, “what if he doesn’t like me … what will he think of me then … I will be embarrassed and even ashamed”), but act. Just cast aside doubts and act. After all, your happinessis at stake !

If, having taken the first step, you really do not make a proper impression on a man, then you will not get to know each other, which means that he will remain a stranger to you. His opinion of you will not be able to change anything in your life or change DilMil your life for the worse. Finding Your Man Do you really care so much about the opinions of strangers that you are ready to sacrifice the chance to become happy because of it?

  1. Believe in yourself, in your charm and uniqueness! Do not be afraid to be different from others, thereby you will only become the one and only for him.
  2. Forget about dating stereotypes that are common in your country. No one knows about them abroad, they are alien to foreign men.

In the minds of most Europeans, men and women are equal. And we never get tired of repeating it! To receive a message from a woman on a dating site for a European man is just normal, there is nothing in it that goes beyond the bounds of “decency”, nothing that offends the dignity of a woman. And since this is a normal “phenomenon” for them, they do not pay as much attention and weight to this fact as the Slavs do.

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A European, having received a letter from a lady, will not consider her behavior indecent. Vulgar or unworthy of a self-respecting woman. He will not even have such a thought. However, such thoughts, unfortunately, are firmly rooted in the minds of Slavic women. The line of reasoning of a European man: an adult, self-confident woman knows what. She wants from life and from men. If she is interested in getting to know. The man she likes, she can make a move.

* if you are firmly convinced that it is not proper for Finding Your Man. A woman to be the first to show attention to a man, then this confidence can play. A trick on you when you still decide to take the first step. Our beliefs, what we sincerely believe in, can help us. Achieve our desires or serve as an obstacle to their fulfillment. For example, if I do not believe in dating foreigners. Then I am not destined to meet a man from abroad. Because I will unconsciously do everything to prevent this. You can read more about this in another article on our blog: “I don’t believe in dating foreigners!” .

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