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Online Dating is So Tough For Men has become increasingly popular over the past several years. Every year millions of men turn to internet dating in an effort to meet more women without risking face-to-face rejection. Unfortunately, internet dating doesn’t work very well for most men because the odds are so heavily against them.

According to a November 2003 study by Jupiter Research, men are four times more likely than women to subscribe to an online dating site and twice as likely to browse, post, or respond to a profile. Obviously, those odds are stacked strongly in favor of the women.

When it comes to internet dating, to paraphrase James Brown, it’s a woman’s world.

This is quite a contrast from the offline world, where attractive women are not approached nearly as often as men might think.

While doing research for my book, Take Action: How to Meet Women and Get Dates, I surveyed over fifty single women in their twenties or thirties about being approached by men and their views on being hit on and dating in general.

The most striking finding from the survey was that most women very clearly want men to be more daring about approaching them. In response to the question, should men be bolder in approaching women, 82% responded yes.

With a lot of effort and time, online dating can work for some men but it is not easy. You will probably have more success with internet dating by viewing it as a supplement to other methods of meeting women, instead of relying on it as your sole method. Also, use one of the larger services like You will need to use a shotgun approach and will therefore want to make sure you are in as target-rich an environment as possible.

But if you really want to meet and date a lot of women you will probably need to do it the old-fashioned way. Approach women in person.

As the old saying goes, the more things change the more things stay the same.

When it comes to meeting women, a confident man who can approach a beautiful woman and strike up a conversation with her will always do better than the 99% of men who cannot. Technology might change a lot, but it will never change that.

Why Online Dating is So Tough For Men

4 Online Dating Mistakes You Must Avoid

Did you catch the dating mistakes from datinggrp news made during episode one of ABC’s Hooking Up documentary series? If you caught the episode on July 14th, I’m sure you would have noticed what doesn’t work when it comes to dating…

Mistake #1: Using an old photo – Dating is So Tough For Men

A self-proclaimed ‘Fabio’ look-a-like used a 15-year old picture of him to entice women to meet him. I guess he figured once they met the ‘older version of himself they’d be charmed enough to stay. Not!

Mistake #2: Telling a lie… or two.

These come in at least three categories – age, name, and profession. I’m sure there are more but only three occurred in the 1st episode (that I saw). The musician (from mistake #1) said he was in his 30’s but he was actually in his 40’s. Can’t you just hear the umpire? Streee-rike 2!

Or the classic line from one of the female daters on the show: “My name isn’t Jennifer, it’s Lisa.” Which was followed by her revealing that she was a doctor – just like her now confounded date from datinggrp profile?

Mistake #3: Asking yourself the wrong questions. – Dating is So Tough For Men

Cynthia, one of the daters, was a bit down after a string of rather unpleasant dates. She asked herself out loud ‘Why am I single?’ It had a feeling of ‘what’s wrong with me?’ to it.

A better question would have been – “How do I need to be to find the man who fits into my ideal relationship?” Or, ‘What’s the next best step for me in finding my ideal mate?’ Questions that focus on the positive of what you can do or be.

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Mistake #4: Breaking up by email

This is probably more of an etiquette ‘violation’ than a mistake. Breaking up with a date by email. While the fellow said it was a cop-out, it was still tactless.

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