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Contemporary women have a Kors handbag, Relationship Woman an iPhone in their purse, an instagram on the iPhone, and a retouched vision of modern life on Instagram, but this does not bother with their questions about whether they should take the first step when they meet a wonderful brunette.

Usually they say it’s not right. They feel that it’s not their problem or they are afraid that they will be taken badly. Usually they end up waiting half their youth for a man to shake their world, and for the other half they cry that such men are gone.

The answer to the question: “Is it appropriate for a woman to take the first step?” reads: “Sure you do!” and it’s not because I say so, but because:

Establishing a relationship is a two-way activity – Relationship Woman

I had a friend in college. Carolina liked to be conquered. She was one of those girls who proudly say, “I never write first.” In her third year of studies, she began dating Konrad – a tall medical student with slender fingers and a lush hairstyle. Although she cared more for him than anyone before, she still stuck to her iron rule that the first (and subsequent) steps on her part would be an offense to her dignity . He texted her, called her, suggested meetings for three weeks, and then he just stopped. Karolina was devastated. So we didn’t go to the exercises and she told me the whole story and asked:

– Why did he do this to me? Why did he play with my feelings and even though he didn’t write that it was over ? It’s just an SMS!

– If it’s just a text message, why haven’t you ever written to him yourself? – I asked.

– Because it was always a guy’s job.

Well, I’ll explain it to you like I explained it to her – it was never just a guy’s job. Even during the reign of Queen Victoria in England, which went down in history as the time of the highest moral rigor, women did not stop trying to get to know someone. They couldn’t do it outright, but instead dropped a handkerchief, giving the gentleman an excuse to pick it up and start a conversation.

It was 150 years ago. Women did not have the right to vote, the feminist movement, access to public office and the possibility of free study, and paradoxically they did more than modern women who install Tinder, wipe sweat from their brow and say, “I did what I could.” They were well aware that establishing a relationship was a two-way activity, so they dropped their handkerchiefs and gave themselves a YourLatinMates chance to meet someone who seemed interesting.

Does in Relationship Woman Take The First Step?

You are responsible for your happiness

Women have heads full of what others say they should do: be modest, be polite, be patient, fake orgasms, and pretend they love to bake blueberry pies even though they’d rather throw a decent steak on the grill. Only this is nonsense. You do not believe? Then take a look at the people who instilled these beliefs in you and ask yourself if you would trade lives with them. I bet you don’t. Other people’s recipes for life surprisingly often turn out to be recipes on a plug, and the more uncompromising views they consist of, the greater this jam is.

Are you 18 years old? Can you take out a mortgage? Can you immigrate to Australia and have a baby? Isn’t it high time to acknowledge that you are responsible for your happiness?

It won’t be this guy’s relationship. You will both be in it, so fight for yours, even if it seems against social principles. With social rules, you will not order a pizza, you will not dive under the covers and you will not cuddle with them.

And as I write this, I am not urging you to pass on to someone on a tray in your Intimissimi underwear. I just want to tell you that you also have and should have an influence on whether this relationship will arise and what it will look like, and shifting 100% responsibility for the relationship onto a man is absurd.

For the next forty years, you can say, “A real guy should blah blah blah blah blah,” and the only answer you get is, “Why should I be?” This flipping of your principles doesn’t get anywhere. There is only one rule – everyone is responsible for their own happiness. This means that he should pursue it without placing that responsibility on others. If you want to go to the cinema, you don’t wait for someone to propose it, but you buy a ticket. If you want to meet someone, you take the first step.

There is no guy who will think badly of you if you take the first step

Women attach too much importance to simple rules.

You can’t be too easy. You shouldn’t have to pay for yourself on a date. Don’t propose meetings first, otherwise the guy won’t respect you.

If respect depended on such simple rituals, everyone would have their own monument in their hometown. Fortunately, reality quickly verifies this. It turns out then that there are women who are afraid that they will come out easy, wait 27 days with sex, but when they go out to each other, they ask: “Will you call me?” There are also women who go to bed with someone on the Relationship Woman first three dates, but when they leave, the guy asks if they will meet again – then she smiles as if she knows when the world will end and says with a grain of salt: “.

Guess which ones have more take and, as a result, better relationships. – Relationship Woman

Do you know what is different from one another? Personality, standards, self-satisfaction, the belief that they run their lives. The fact that when someone meets with them, it doesn’t feel like they’ve completely conquered them, and they’ve lost their mind and raised a white flag. Women are convinced that in order to be in a happy relationship, they must have perfect beauty. That’s partly true, because beauty helps a lot, but it also covers the fact that no man can be with a woman he doesn’t respect in the long run.

This is why no guy with an IQ high enough not to drink water from a toilet will think you wrong because you took the initiative. He may feel bad of you if you want to limit him, if you find that you haven’t read a single book, or if you display your complexes, but taking initiative always Relationship Woman works to your advantage. If only because it shows self-confidence, awareness of your needs and the ability to live your own way. There aren’t many women who can be said that, and that’s what you miss them most of all.

Years later, it doesn’t matter who took the first step – Relationship Woman

Let me tell you a short story. It was few years ago. They met at a party and despite the fact that they felt chemistry with each other, it was not a good opportunity to exchange numbers. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to do it or didn’t know how. It just happened, because life is not math and not all numbers always match. They ended up saying goodbye and walking in two different directions.

When he walked away from her, he felt he had lost something. But he hadn’t taken ten steps when she turned and called out to him that he had forgotten to leave her contact. As he typed in her phone number, he looked at her large brown eyes and fluttering lashes. They met a week later on a frosty January day, and he saw her fluttering lashes and purple gloves again. They spent so much time together that they actually moved in right away.

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This is the story of my current relationship. One of those that taught me that every meeting of strangers is a fleeting turning point. The moment when you can “throw a handkerchief” and give someone a chance to pick. It up or watch these opportunities dissolve into thin air. It only makes sense to throw handkerchiefs (which I am writing about with the stubbornness of a maniac). Not always someone who wants to throw her will do it, not always pick them up, but when he does, I can assure you about one thing. Relationship Woman after many years it will not matter if he was running after you in the rain, if you asked him what doing on Friday.

Do you know why? Because it never mattered. It only matters what comes after. The beginning of an acquaintance is like the first sentence written in a book. All acquaintance is a chapter in your biography and the worst thing that can be done is to give up the entire chapter waiting for the perfect first sentence.

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