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We often encounter a skeptical and even Dating Foreigners negative attitude of the fairer sex regarding the reality of meeting a foreigner and getting married. Many ladies, as they say, do not believe in dating foreigners. Despite this, every day thousands of women from Eastern European countries enter the cherished combinations of words in search sites: “international dating site”, review  “dating foreigners”, “marry a foreigner” (we are talking about the statistics of search queries on Google and Yandex sites). However, we have a completely legitimate question: why do they look for international dating sites and register on them? Wasting your time filling out forms and checking email? After all, they know the result in advance …

Everything is very simple…Dating Foreigners

If you do not believe in something, do not believe in the success of your undertaking, then you are doomed to “defeat” in advance. Why? Because you simply will not make absolutely no effort to achieve an unattainable (in your opinion) goal. The relationship between a man and a woman is their joint work. And to be consistent, then acquaintance (whether online or in real life) is the beginning of a relationship and should be based on mutual desire and interest.


Not believing in dating foreigners, you will not take good photos for your profile on an international dating site , you will not respond to men’s letters in time, and devote enough time and attention to communicating with them. And this means that you yourself will involuntarily (not on purpose) “sabotage” your acquaintance with an interesting foreign gentleman, not knowing and, in principle, never knowing whether this acquaintance could have a future. With such thoughts (“I don’t believe in dating foreigners”), you will not take any man seriously, no matter how well-mannered, purposeful, attentive and interesting he is.

But loneliness is not an option…

If you are extremely negative about online dating with foreigners and cannot change your mind, overcome distrust and unwillingness to act, then choose for yourself the path of meeting a man you trust and direct your energy in this direction. Whether it is acquaintance in public places, at work or through mutual friends. (In this case, however, we are talking about marriage with a foreigner, immigration to another country is no longer underway.) Do not wait for a chance meeting or a favorable combination of circumstances, become the creator of your happiness.

There is nothing reprehensible in the desire to be happy, love and be loved! Don’t waste time on something you don’t believe in! Without your faith, without your participation (despite your opposition), this simply cannot happen. This also applies to relationships with a foreign man. Without your participation TripTogether and your faith, acquaintance with a foreigner cannot develop into a relationship and a family.


Do you still choose to meet Dating Foreigners?

If you are convinced of the unreality of dating foreigners. But for some reason you still register on international dating sites (found this article and even read it to the end). Then in order to achieve some result, you need. First turn, work on yourself in order to “dissuade yourself”, believe in. The reality of online dating and relationships with a man from another country. And start acting (we talked about how best to approach finding. A partner on an international dating site in the article “ Meet foreigners consciously!” ). Happy changes in life begin first of all in yourself. By changing your attitude to dating on. The Internet, to finding a foreign husband, you can change those “results” that do not suit you.

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