Safe Online Dating

Why Safe Online Dating has not been condemned for a long time, how to distinguish the hero of a love story from a character in a comedy or drama – we will tell in this article.

There is nothing wrong with online dating

According to a VTsIOM survey, a third of Russians prefer to get acquainted online; in the West, this figure is even higher. And this is quite understandable: the modern pace of life leaves too few chances for personal connections. Work and domestic issues are resolved on the run and in a couple of clicks, so why shouldn’t matters of the heart be resolved on the Internet?

Purpose and means to achieve it

Searching for a husband for a long and happy family life, a travel companion for a trip to a music festival, or a fencing partner is quite feasible on the Internet. Moreover, Safe Online Dating as life shows, common interests lead to strong relationships more often than a targeted search for a soulmate. Where do most people meet?

Social networks . The Economist estimates that every month more than 200 million people around the world use social media to get to know each other. The method is justified, but not reliable. Personal pages in social networks look much more believable than profiles on dating sites, but, unlike specialised sites, they are used not only for dating.

Blogs, forums . There are no official dating statistics on blogs and on thematic sites, but practice shows that from interesting threads to virtualization is much closer than one might imagine.

Dating sites and apps . The easiest way to get acquainted is to create a profile on a special resource.

Throughout history, mate choice has been limited by geography, social status, and other trappings of reality. Online dating makes these boundaries conditional. Anyone can meet anyone on the Internet – there would be a desire and mutual interest.


Not all dating is the same

The Internet has created the illusion not only of the absence of borders, but also of security. However, there are a number of simple rules that should be followed so as not to end up in a sad situation.

Only verified sites . Even the most harmless-looking site can have a dozen “mirrors”. Register on triptogether one decent one, and then find that your profile is duplicated on sites with dubious names.

Don’t rush to pay . Dating sites and apps make money through paid features. However, you can get by with the free version. Moreover, most of the paid features are needed only by those who use the application too often.

Protection of personal data . You should not register from the main e-mail box, and even more so, link your profile to a Facebook page or Instagram account. Your profile on a dating site should not be indexed by search engines either.

Select photos . Do not post photos that you use on other resources. The photo search function may suddenly lead to your page of unwanted persons.

Don’t post very personal photos . Do not upload very personal photos and videos to the profile, and even more so, do not send them to the interlocutor via private messages. It’s not about violating personal boundaries, but about the likelihood of blackmail.

Be vigilant . Profiles of possible chosen ones should be studied for conflicting or implausible information. Any discrepancy between the data and the questionnaire with reality should be alerted.

Safe Online Dating

Complaint . If you receive insults or even threats from an interlocutor. Then this is clearly a reason to complain about his profile to the site administration.

Use the site’s messenger . You should not immediately give your interlocutor your mail. Nickname in Telegram or phone number. Unwanted communication is easier to interrupt on. The site than to block the interlocutor in general wherever he can reach you.

Don’t open links . In the best case, they will steal. The password from the profile on the site, in the worst case. They will throw a virus dangerous for your gadget.

Don’t give money .

Seconded marines without the ability to buy a ticket home and five minutes to the heirs of multimillion-dollar fortunes. It would seem, have not been trusted by anyone for a long time. But for some reason they still want to send money to strangers.

Make your own decisions . Initiative is, of course, a good thing. But do not let yourself be pressured and do not put pressure on the interlocutor yourself. Safe Online Dating The decision to meet should be mutual. And not made under persistent requests and persuasion.

Designate a meeting place . Make an appointment only in a location you know and be sure to tell your friends. Where and with whom you are going. It would not be superfluous to ask them for a “control” call with. A predetermined code word. So your hasty disappearance from a date will look more convincing.

Common sense is above all. Don’t drink too much alcohol and, as the Crime Report shows. Don’t even lose sight of your cup of tea, otherwise. It may not be tea at all. Leaving personal belongings unattended or flashing a credit card number is also not worth it. Online dating can hide a banal scam.

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Conclusion – Safe Online Dating

It is believed that by registering on a dating site. You automatically acknowledge that you are “actively searching” and sign your own insolvency. This can be difficult to do, because for some obscure reason. Maintaining the illusion of impregnability and independence is easier. Than admitting to yourself that you sincerely want to build a relationship.

Sociologists have found that couples. Who met through the Internet get divorced much less often. Firstly, when choosing a partner. They rely not so much on external data, but on the similarity of interests and ease of communication. Secondly, they are easier to endure a long separation. Thirdly, the ability to flirt at a distance promotes empathy. An important component of a sincere relationship.

Sooner or later, it is worth deleting your profile, regardless of the results of your searches. At the same time, deleting the application or stopping accessing the site is not enough – it is your account that needs to be demolished. This function can be hidden deep in the profile settings or even turn out to be paid, but it is better to clarify this before registration.

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